Employee Handbooks & Company Policies 

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As the workforce we once knew changes, and as new laws and procedures challenge the ways we once operated, 1Otu Workplace Solutions can help your company align with the rapidly changing corporate climate.


Outdated company policies are ticking time bombs. While an old and outdated policy is a huge risk to your company, a fresh and updated policy substantially limits your company’s liabilities. 


Regular reviews, audits, and addendums to your company's policies are essential to the continued growth and success of your business or organization.


Prioritizing this aspect of your business is  vital to the continued protection of your business and its employees. 

The notion that your internal policies and procedures are inflexible and unchanging, place your company at risk for unnecessary, yet preventable liabilities. 



Included in this Service:

  • Audit, review, and update your company policy with relevant material, ensuring your company is compliant with employment regulations

  • Assist in identifying the goal, relevance, and desired impact for which each specific policy is in place

  • Quarterly, bi-annual, or annual updates to current and projected changes in corporate laws, regulations, and guidelines

  • Working with your policy committee to gather feedback, approval, and ensure the clarity of policy interpretations by your staff

  • Analize areas of your policy where employees historically fail to or are less likely to adhere, and why

  • Asses fairness, and track adherence from associate-level employees