COVID-19 Health & Safety Training & Services


As our economy slowly reopens, employers have a responsibility to protect their employees.


The safest course of action, for all employers, is to ensure that each one of your employees is fully educated and evaluated on their understanding of your company’s and your state’s COVID-19 guidelines. 


  1. We update company policies and procedures to cover the new standards of health and safety in shared workspaces.

2. We train your workforce to follow new guidelines and test each employee on their understanding.  


Covid 19

The health and safety training we provide, follows OSHA guidelines, and considers State and Federal Laws to protect workers and employers, alike. Our program is led by Certified, Licensed Health Care Professionals. We continuously updated our training materials, based on new information provided by the C.D.C and the World Health Organization. 


We provide Executives, Managers, and Employees with 

  1. time relevant, updated overviews on OSHA standards and regulations 

2. techniques to clearly relay and enforce OSHA regulatory guidelines, while continuing to protect the personal rights and freedoms of your employees

3. HIPAA rules and privacy regulations when discussing or disclosing COVID-19 exposure in the workplace

4. tips to avoid the spread of coronavirus in the workplace 


5. strategies to safely conduct face-to-face consumer and vendor interactions, staff meetings, events, and presentations. 


6. tools to create and maintain clean and sanitary workspaces

7. methods for hazard Recognition


8. ways to identify and Classify Job-Related and Key Function Risk Exposure Levels


9.the ability to identify Which Job Duties increase or decrease risk exposure levels and why


Everyone must do their part to STOP the spread of the Coronavirus. Leave it to the Professional Experts at 1Otu Workplace Solution to help ensure the safety of your workforce.