workplace Mental Health & COVID-19 Support Strategies

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The impact of COVID-19 on our economic well-being has had a devastating effect on our workforce. The unpredictability in the day-to-day, is emotionally challenging.

Employees are forced to face the mounting pressures and insecurities, while employers are scrambling.


We have all had moments of desperation, sometimes feeling like we are standing on the edge. All of us are searching for the light at the end of the tunnel. Job-security and financial stability are hanging in the balance.  


Mitigating these uncertainties will impact your business for years.

How employers choose to address the needs of their workforce, during this pandemic, will determine an employees loyalty and investment as you adjust or rebuild. 


The COVID-19 pandemic challenges our ability to stay focused, productive, and engaged. Many employees need help regulating and managing stress and morale, as they try to keep up with rapid changes to new operational procedures.   


1Otu Workplace Solutions has developed a set of strategies, programs, and principles to assist your leadership team and employees through these difficult transitions. In these delicate times there is an ever increasing need for more care, compassion and advanced leadership than ever before.

Our COVID-19 Health & Mental Health and Support Services offer the following:

1.Appropriate language and discussion about COVID-19, and mindful techniques for communicating with employees who have directly been impacted by coronavirus. 

2.Preventing compromised immune systems and job-related stress by supporting your workforce, allowing your teams operate at higher capacity in their roles.


3. Creating additional support systems for employees who suffer from priority mental-health conditions difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic


4.Emergency support via clinical therapists, counselors who are waiting to support employees who may have experienced or are experiencing emotional hardship, grief, loss or sickness.


5.Anonymous incident reporting of health and safety violations of personal protective equipment (i.e. gloves, facemasks, etc) 


6.Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly employee mental and emotional health check- ins