Employee Terminations

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Terminations can be risky for any employer, regardless of the reasons or siverities behind them. losing members of your workforce can greatly affect your bottom line.


In addition, HR and Management teams often make critical mistakes in the termination process. Such mistakes can result in substantial liability and monetary losses.

The cost of recruiting, hiring and training a new employee is estimated at over $4000. The average cost of losing an employee is even greater. An employer pays out an average of 1/3  of an employee’s salary for the last year of their tenure. 


Employee Terminations can also be emotionally charged unpleasantries, not only for the employee, but for upper level managers and executives. Let us help.


We teach you how to approach terminations directly, firmly and consistent with you company policies and unemployment laws.


We promote caring and compassionate interpersonal communication styles to deliver employee terminations.



Our methodology includes:


  1. Determining if there is enough support and documentation to issue an employee termination 

  2. Drafting termination outlines and supporting documentation, inclusive of appropriate language and verbiage consistent with employment laws 

  3. Delivering terminations with care, compassion, and clarity

  4. Providing you with tools and strategies to contain gossip, retaliation, panic, and breakdowns in communication

  5. Tools to recruit and train replacement talent and fairly balance potentially increased workloads of your remaining staff

With over 13 years of direct experience and expertise in Unemployment law, we are happy to provide UI Appeal Hearing representation and upper-level board appeals.